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VEGANVaganza 2018

Vegan Vaganza 2 – 4 November 2018 at Mangga2Square

Vegan Vaganza

Vegan Vaganza @ Mangga2Square, Jakarta

SMCHIA disaster relief team sharing love for Palu and Donggala

SMCHIA disaster relief team sharing love for Palu and Donggala

GoTour de Baduy #3

Last weekend cycling and trekking in Baduy

GoTour de Baduy#3 cycling from alun alun rangkas bitung to cijahe, the closest village to enter Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy)

Baduy jungle adventuring, 7 hours trekking from cikeusik to ciboleger

Cycling & Adventuring in Toraja – Makasar Jamselinas 8

Cycling and Adventuring with folding bike + panniers in a-5 days journey from Palopo rode up to Lolai village in Toraja region, a village called Negeri di Atas Awan (country above the cloud) and going down thru pare-pare finished at Makassar City to attend Jamselinas 8, an Annual event by folding bike club all around Indonesia.

watch the video in YouTube

part 1

Part 2

about last year christmas holiday

Watch “Loving Farm Vegan Resort” on YouTube

Loving Farm Vegan Resort, a serenity place in mountaineous area of Bogor, Indonesia. a perfect place for deep contemplation

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