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The Truth

“The Truth can only be obtained with empty, humble and sincere heart” ~Bromo, 17 August 2016

Path to Enlightenment

“Eventhough we follow a path from the past, but we never know what will happen in the future. So, just concentrate at the moment on every step to attain the goal” ~Mahameru Summit 15 August 2016

Bromo Sunrise

We celebrated Indonesia 71th Independence Day at Bromo mountain on 17 August 2016. 

Mahameru Summit 

Trekking Mahameru Summit 14 -15 August 2016. Mahameru summit is the highest mountain in Java Island,  a 3,676 altimeter. With our vegan fellows,  bro Suwandi and sister Nini and her boy,  Jason,  we persistently climbed to the summit,  after a two days trekking started from Ranu Pane Village to Kalimati. 

GoTour de UG

On 23rd July 2016,  we,  42 bikers from various cycling communities, cycled 167km starting 6.30 am  from Bogor to Ujung Genteng,  Sukabumi, arrived in the afternoon, moving time 9hours. 

We were passing heavy traffic of Cibadak and hiked 25km mountenous area before rolling down to Ujung Genteng beach. We gained around 2000m elevation and depleted 3000cal. 

Very exciting and adventurous tour!

Idul Fitri Ride for 135km

Persistence gets you farther than brilliance

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