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Dhammapada. Chapter 8, Verse 104. “Victory Over Oneself is Unequalled”

“Greater the conquest of oneself than subjugating others, that one who’s always self-restrained, that one who’s tamed of self”

Self-conquest is greater than the conquest of others. The victory of one who conquers himself cannot be turned into defeat. he remains a self controlled individual who lives ever disciplined.


GoTour de Baduy

​15 October 2016, we started a-121km riding tour for Baduy heritage (Kanekes), a traditional jungle Sundanese community living in the southeastern part of the Indonesian province of Banten. Their population of 11,700 is centered in the Kendeng mountains at an elevation of 300–500 meters (975′-1,625′) above sea level. Their homeland in Banten, Java is contained in just 50 km2 (19 sq mi) of hilly forest area.

We arrived at Ciboleger around afternoon , and stayed overnight at Baduy Luar. The Baduy are divided into two sub-groups; the Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy), and the Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy). No foreigners were allowed to meet the Inner Baduy, though the Outer Baduy do foster some limited contacts with the outside world.

16 October 2016.

Most of the bikers were back to jakarta after arriving at Ciboleger, leaving us of 12 persons ready for trekking inside the Baduy Dalam jungle the day after. We stayed overnight at Kajebo village, an entry village to Baduy Dalam. A village where Baduy Luar live with no electricity and lack of modern living things. Mobile phone still has some weak signals. But, what the use of it if without electricity to recharge the battery. We have to reduce it usage so that we can use it to take pictures around the way to Baduy Dalam. We were reminded by our guide that no electronic gadges and camera are allowed to be be used inside Baduy Dalam areas.

Pictures in this album were taken during the ride and trekking along the Baduy Luar areas. We all followed and respected the rules and kept the tradition by not taking any pictures in Baduy Dalam villages.

Pray for Garut

​1st Visit 22 – 24 September 2016

Garut, West Java,  Indonesia was hit by flash flood due to river Cimanuk overflow starting from middle of night 20th of September till early morning 21th sep 2016 after hours of heavy rain. Hundreds of houses were debris,  it killed 20s and 20s were still reported missing. After reading the news, our SMCHIA disaster relief team from Jakarta immediately went to the site that took 7 hours driving. On 22nd September,  we surveyed the site and listed the necessities for the victims were most of them stayed in shelters while some of the family returned to their houses for cleaning.

We bought household goods and other necessities from Jakarta,  Bandung and local market,  do the packing in overnight. We distributed around 300 relief goods in family packs and 100 baby food packs and 50 sleeping mats.  Most of the recipients were in the remote sites which still expecting those necessities.

2nd Visit 4 – 5 October 2016

To fulfill request of many unfortunate students in Garut,  West Java who have lost their belongings during the flash flood, our SMCHIA disaster relief team packed 400 school bags plus books and pens. We rushed back again to Garut for a 2-days visit on 4-5 October and  distributed the relief packets for students of elementary schools, yunior high schools and senior high schools.

We pray that people of Garut will soon recover and back to their normal life activity. Thanks God.

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