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Living Raw Magazine — Issue 4 Vibrantly Raw

Living Raw is Australia’s own raw food magazine, featuring stories written by and for Aussies, and including the raw communties in New Zealand and throughout Asia.  Our Market section lists every raw food service – classes, education, chef training, coaching -along with the places you can buy raw food ingredients and snacks around the country and in our region.  It’s a must-have for all raw foodies in Australia, NZ and Asia!

via Living Raw Magazine — Issue 4 Vibrantly Raw.


Global Warming Have Relationship with Humans by Grade 7 – 8 Students

GLOBAL WARMING FESTIVAL Annette Marsier Hosana 7A1 (Morning Star Indonesia’s Student grade 7)

On Saturday May 8th 2010, I came to a festival which was held at FX. The theme of the festival was ‘Global Warming’. I listened to the oral lecture there and have to make journal after that. The oral lecture was talking deeply about global warming including the definition of global warming, the cause of global warming, the effect of global warming and what we can do to reduce global warming. We were also watching some videos from around the world about what people think and do towards global warming. After the seminar finished, I drank a mixed juice of broccoli and pineapple. The juice was so delicious and healthy. While I drank my juice, I walked around the festival area to take a look. I saw some animals that being conserved by the people. There were dog, rabbits, little crocodile, turtles, and even snakes. It proved that the people here were so caring about the life of the animals for the earth. Other than that, I also saw a lot of food booths around the area. The interesting thing about the food was that all of them were made of vegetables, no meat at all like the nuggets, burgers, French Fries, and satays.

The lesson that I learned was all the things that related to global warming have the relationship with what humans do, like the cause of global warming. There are many things that humans do which makes the atmosphere of the earth becomes thinner. One of them is killing animals for human’s consumption. Humans don’t realize there’s a dangerous effect behind doing it and the effect is effecting not just to them but to all the people in the earth. They just do it for their own advantage while actually the effect of what they’re doing goes back to attack them.

Nowadays, I always eat meat every day. At the seminar, I was watching the video about the way of killing the animals. I saw the way they kill animals as if they don’t have a heart and really cruel. They bleed and cut the animal’s body so roughly. After that, I realize that I can do something to participate to reduce global warming in just a simple way. What I can do is by not eating meat every day. In the very first time, I just have to try to reduce eating meat at least once a week and as the time goes by, I can make myself to not to eat meat for the rest of my life.

By not eating meat every day, I am participating in the effort to reduce global warming. No meat eater is called vegans. Vegans only eat vegetables, no meat, milk, or eggs. There are many people that became vegan and tried to save the world from global warming. I want to join them also so that their effort won’t be useless but will be useful towards the earth and humans who live in it too. There are many vegetarian restaurants nowadays. I can still enjoy the deliciousness of food without eating meat and cause the effect to the world. The food at the festival area proved that also. By doing this, I am not just reducing global warming but getting my health at the same time.

I’m so blessed to come to this seminar and get the important lesson of my life especially in my young age. I can do something early before it’s too late. What I can do now can save the people in the Earth, including myself. God has sent this message to me, and I want to share and spread this message to other people also, so we can take care of the world together. Then, I can be a useful person for God and other people too.

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Healthy Vegan Children

Real Vegan Children

Some women stop being vegan when they become pregnant, because either they or their doctors think a vegan cannot have a healthy pregnancy. On the contrary, as long as pregnant women, infants, and children are getting a reliable source of vitamin B12, they typically thrive on a vegan diet.

Mothers of the children below were vegan during pregnancy, and the kids have been vegan since birth.

For more information on healthy eating during pregnancy, see Pregnancy, Infants, & Children.

Ellen – Tucson, AZ

Ellen at 5 months

Ellen at 10 years and Sunny at about 2 years

Ellen at 7 years

Ellen at 14 years (4th from left)
Ellen is currently a happy, enthusiastic tenth grader, with an IQ over 140 (higher than either parent). Taking honor and AP classes, she gets straight-As at the city’s top high school (last term was all A+s). She already has three varsity letters, running on two regional championship cross-country teams, and the 2009 regional championship 4×800 team. She also qualified for the state championships in the 3200 as a 9th grader. From an article written by family friend Frank French in 2001 for his local paper:

Ellen is a healthy, very bright 7-year-old, who holds a Red belt in Tae Kwan Do, and describes herself as “happy, cheerful, funny, and I love animals.”

But Ellen has never had a Big Mac, a chocolate milk shake, a Dairy Queen, a breakfast of bacon and eggs, a dinner of Lake Michigan perch, a Milky Way bar, or even a bowl of Jell-O. Because since her birth, along with her parents Matt Ball and Anne Green, she has lived as a vegan.

I asked if Ellen questions them about why she doesn’t eat the kinds of food her friends eat. [Ellen’s mom] Anne said no, but later asked Ellen if she did have any questions about those foods:

Ellen: No.

Anne: Do you want to eat those things?

Ellen: NO WAY!

Anne: Why?

Ellen: Because animals have to suffer.

Anne: What if you don’t know those animals?

Ellen: Doesn’t matter.

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