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Mt Merapi: Merapi May Still Pose Threats

Posted by Shinta Dewi on October 28th, 2010 — Mount Merapi has erupted two days ago. But it does not mean that the danger has been over. There is still a possible peak of eruption that forces the local government to make the best preparation they can do.

Last Tuesday, Mount Merapi, located at about 1,300 km to the east of Central Java province, has erupted, spewing out clouds of ash and killed at least 29.

The eruption happened just a day after a tsunami struck remote islands of Mentawai in western Indonesia. Reportedly the tsunami killed at least 113 people.

Merapi’s eruption has displaced over 40,000 people who live on the slopes of the volcano. Many houses were destroyed, buried in white ash as seen in the picture.

Although now the mountain is mostly quiet, the volcanologists warned that it still poses a threat.

“The yesterday’s eruption was just the beginning,” said the a volcanology agency official. He added that the agency’s officials are already deployed in the district and nearby areas to keep monitoring seismic activities of the volcano.

Our local sources reported that emergency relief aid has been prepared for the worst scenario.

Eko Rusdianto from a health post in the district said that over 30 medical workers are ready to help possible victims suffering injuries from the bursts of hot air of the eruption.

“We have made preparations for the strongest eruption. More medics and drugs have been allocated should it needed, ready to be sent here in case of emergencies,” he said.

The potentially dangerous area – within 10 kilometers from the mountain – has been evacuated. Taufik Wahyudi, a senior official of the local Disaster and Mitgation Management  body said that the refugees were sheltered in  make-shift tents, barracks, schools and their relatives’ houses.

“To the best of my knowledge, there are about 18,000 people have been sheltered here,” he told our reporter at a post in Sleman.

Furqon Hafid, another official of the National Disaster and Mitigation Management body said that 22,600 others have escaped from the dangerous zone in Central Java.

Mount Merapi is located between Yogyakarta Province and Central Java Province in western Indonesia.

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Mentawai Tsunami : Rescuers Race Against Time, Bad Weather, as Death Toll Rises

Nivell Rayda | October 29, 2010

Mentawai. The death toll following the tsunami that hit the Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra on Monday climbed to almost 400 on Friday morning, as rescuers continued to race against time and unfavorable weather conditions to evacuate survivors and locate missing victims.

According to the Disaster Relief Operational Control Center, at least 50 more bodies were unearthed in the islands of North and South Pagai, bringing the total casualties to at least 394 people. At least 338 people are still missing.

Zulhendri, a coordinator at the West Sumatra chapter of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), said that many victims are still virtually untouched by relief aid, particularly at the southern tip of South Pagai, just 50 kilometers away from the epicenter of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that triggered the three-meter high waves.

“Our volunteers tried to reach the locations by boat [on Thursday afternoon], but they were forced to return due to bad weather and rough waves. Their boat nearly capsized. Thank God they survived the weather,” Zulhendri said.

“We will try to reach remote areas in [South Pagai] island again on Friday,” he added.

The islands are sparsely populated, with less than 50 people per square kilometer, forcing rescuers to cover vast areas in search of survivors. The majority of homes in fishing villages were destroyed by the giant waves that swept 600 people inland.

“Coordination is difficult because communication is limited,” said Surung Sinaga, chairman of the West Sumatra Disaster Relief Ageny (BPBD). “We are trying to evacuate those who are gravely injured from the disaster and get them to a nearby hospital and health center.”

Surung added that there were at least 23,000 refugees who have been evacuated, most of whom are now living in the town of Sikakap, where aid and volunteers are being coordinated.

Hasrat Untuk Menyimak!/notes/ngurah-agung/hasrat-untuk-menyimak/451766523722

Hasrat untuk Menyimak.

Alkisah, ada seorang pemuda pencari Kebenaran yang mendengar kabar bahwa di daerah pantai tertentu dapat mendengarkan suara lonceng dengan kontemplasi khusus. Suara lonceng ini —menurut cerita penduduk setempat— dapat terdengar dengan jelas oleh para meditator, karena lonceng ini berasal dari sebuah kuil dengan ribuan lonceng yang tenggelam ribuan tahun yang lalu.


Sang pemuda, dengan begitu bersemangat, melakukan meditasi di tepi pantai, hanya untuk mendengarkan suara lonceng itu. Siang dan malam ia mencoba mencari suara lonceng di antara deburan ombak, namun sesudah seminggu lewat, yang terdengar hanyalah suara ombak.


Akhirnya pemuda ini merasa putus-asa. Timbul keraguan dalam dirinya kalau kemungkinan besar cerita mengenai lonceng ini hanyalah takhayul atau memang ia tidak berjodoh untuk mendengarkan suara lonceng itu. Ia memutuskan untuk berhenti dari usahanya yang sia-sia itu.


Pagi hari berikutnya, ia sudah bersiap-siap untuk berpisah dan mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada semuanya. Kepada laut, kepada karang, kepada pohon, kepada langit, kepada angin……, semuanya disampaikan selamat tinggal. Terakhir, pemuda ini menyandarkan dirinya di pohon tempat ia bermeditasi selama seminggu ini; matanya dipenjamkan untuk mendengarkan suara ombak, tanpa memperdulikan lagi suara lonceng. Betapa indahnya suara ombak itu. Baru kali ini ia merasakan dan menyadari betapa merdunya suara ombak itu……. dan tanpa ia sadari…..diantara deburan ombak itu….tiba-tiba terdengar suara lonceng,…. bersahut-sahutan,…..suara ribuan lonceng……




Cerita mistik yang penuh makna spiritual tinggi ini sudah sering diceritakan kembali oleh banyak Guru-guru Agung terdahulu. Kalau tidak salah, Anthony de Mello juga senang akan cerita ini.


Guru Agung Lau-Zi mengatakan, “ …didengar tidak kedengaran sehingga dikatakan tidak bersuara..” dan “Dengan selalu meniadakan keinginan aku melihat keberadaan Tao.”


With peace,

~ Suman*


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Yang disajikan ini telah disunting oleh NR.

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