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A Vegan Cyclist with a Vegan Powerman

I’m a vegan cyclist (but not a pro) and in my 50’s now. This week only I have biked about 300km, and this year I have done about 4123km and counting (check out my Strava).  Many friends ask me  about how can I get the power, .. .the energy, well just take a look at horses, elephants, cows, giraffes,  rhinosaurs,  the giant dinosaurs…. and many other herbivores …..what do you think they eat. Just try to find out how to make  use your own energy, not depending on the food that you eat. Do not underestimate your own power, the power of nature, a gifted power from the Creation, and everybody has it.

World Vegan World Peace !!


A vegan cyclist power

29 March 2017, Hari Raya Nyepi, sekitar 30 cyclist dari berbagai klub yg tergabung dalam GoTour melakukan perjalanan menggowes sepeda dimulai dari Serpong menuju puncak dgn titik finish di Mang Ade. Hanya bersisa 12 orang yg berhasil mencapai puncak, termasuk saya, satu2 nya vegan cyclist. Jarak tempuh PP 181 km, 9 jam bersepeda dan elevation gain 1669m. Merupakan record jarak terjauh yg pernah saya tempuh dalam sehari, mengalahkan record sebelumnya ke Tanjung Lesung 175km

130 km cycling tour jakarta bogor jakarta

On 19th March 2017, we, Ecomp3, a group cycling in town biked from jakarta city to bogor and back to jakarta in a 5 hours ride, 475 elevation gain in 130km.

First touring ride 113.8 km jkt-hutan UI depok-es kode tangerang-jkt

Check out my ride on Strava:

Christmas ride in the city 101km

Christmas ride with GreenFly bike community in the city

118 km cycling to Bendungan Jatiluhur

On Sunday 18th of December 2016, we,  around 30s cyclists biked 118 km from jakarta to bendungan jatiluhur, purwakarta, west java. We started at 5:30am and arrived there around 2pm.

Making a Way out of no Way

GoTour de Gunung Pancar,  a 150km cycling adventure on 20 November 2016

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