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Supreme Master Ching Hai Congratulates Elected President

Supreme Master Ching Hai conveyed Her heartfelt support and respectful congratulations in a letter sent to HisExcellency Joko Widodo, elected as President of Indonesia in July, Golden Year 11 (2014).


From a humble background, His Excellency, the 53-year-old former mayor of the city of Solo and governor of Jakarta, declared in his midnight victory speech “This presidential election has given rise to new optimism for us, for this nation … It is time for us to move together.” Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation, tenth biggest economy, third largest democracy and a sprawling archipelago of 18,300 islands.

The newly-elected president has stated his commitment to focus on developing Indonesia’s eastern provinces, invest in large–scale infrastructure such as roads and ports, and enhance the country’s education and training sectors to improve the lives of its citizens.

President-elect Widodo has also embraced new democratising technologies, having placed the names of prospective ministers of his new Cabinet up for online feedback, asking the public to guide his decision-making in an e-poll.

Above is Supreme Master Ching Hai’s letter to His Excellency.    


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