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Jared Leto Celebrates Oscar Nomination by Eating Vegan Pacakes

Jared Leto Celebrates Oscar Nomination by Eating Some Vegan Pancakes!
Alexis Croswell

Jared Leto has been nominated for an Oscar in the best supporting actor category for his role as Rayon, an HIV positive transsexual, in the film “Dallas Buyers Club.”

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed many actors about their reaction to seeing their name in the nominations list earlier this morning. Leto’s answer is quite humbling, and we’re so happy for him! On being nominated he said, “It feels absolutely amazing, and I’m incredibly honored to be part of this insanity. It’s an absolute dream and I’m so proud to be part of a $4 million film about people fighting for their lives.”

When asked how he would spend the rest of the day after a quick 5 a.m. wake up to watch the nominations, he replied, “I’m going back to bed and then wake up and make vegan pancakes.”

What a delicious way to celebrate! In honor of Leto’s Oscar nomination celebration, we’re bringing back some awesome vegan pancake recipes to share with you all. Happy eating!

1. Fruit-filled Pancakes

2.Chocolate Chip Cookie Protein Pancakes

3. Apple-Almond Butter Pancakes



  suman sutra 苏 宝 龙 wrote @

sebaiknya memakan buah apel yang segar, bukan apel yang dijuice.


  eddy1957 wrote @

Yth.Pak Suman, saya sdh mencoba sesuai yg dianjurkan Bpk/Dr. Lai dgn mengkonsumsi sari buah apel (yg sy beli buah apel malang super) dgn cara di juicer sebanyak 4 bh pagi sesdh sarapan dan 4 bh lagi malam hari sesdh makan malam. Saya mulai menjalankannya dr senin 27 Jan s/d 31 Jan (selama 5 hari). Pada hr ke 6, saya msh mengkonsumsi sari buah apel tsb pagi dan siang masing2 – 4 bh apel. Jam 18.00 saya mulai puasa dan mulai minum air hangat 1 gelas dicampur garam inggris 1 sendok teh. 1 jam kemudian mulai ada reaksi perut mules dan langsung kebelakang (mencret). Jam 20.00 saya minum lagi air hangat /garam inggris namun sampai jam 22.00 tdk ada reaksi mules. Lalu saya mulai minum setengah cangkir minyak zaitun dicampur setengah cangkir air jeruk lemon. Rasanya perut tdk mules. Jam 24.00 saya berusaha tidur dan tertlelap sampai pagi. Namun pagi hari juga tidak mules tp saya paksakan kebelakang dan yg keluar sedikit mencret. Sampai tgl 2 Feb 2014 siang hari saya tdk ada rasa mules. Mohon advis Bpk. terima kasih – Eddy K. – Jkt


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