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Raw foods have the potential to change your entire life!

Raw foods have the potential to change your entire life!


Welcome! I’m Simone, and I am here to show you how raw foods can be a simple, delicious and easy way to change every aspect of your life.How can I do that?By sharing with you the insights I have learned through adopting a raw vegan diet. Through my regular recipe posts that are examples of easy and scrumptious dishes that anyone can make and everyone will enjoy. By passing on useful information that I have studied about raw vegan nutrition and various raw foods.When I adopted a raw vegan diet, everything shifted for me in my life. Not just my weight, but an entire energy shift.  By eating almost 100% raw, my skin became clearer, my eyes had more clarity, I felt more vibrant, I started to feel more focussed and creative, and my energy levels soared! I also found that it was easy to maintain a healthy weight, I overcame some unhealthy habits, and I had a whole new outlook on life- all because of my diet! I see eating  a predominantly raw food diet as a way of eating food that has maintained its highest energetical value, so that I can stay healthy and well, and keep in a positive frame of mind.

I believe that this change is possible for everyone to experience, and that doing so does not have to be complicated, OR difficult. I want to show you how increasing your raw food intake by just a small percentage will cause so many positive changes to also happen in your life.

“Simone’s Uncooking class helped me to expand my repertoir and raw food menu items, which was          previously limited to a few salads. It also sparked my imagination and inspired me to come up with some new things.”
Lisa Warden, Jakarta

I love running classes, writing blog entries, experimenting in the kitchen and then sharing the recipes I discover, as well as constantly educating myself about raw foods and nutrition. Eating a raw diet is not a regime but a way of life that I am excited and enthusiastic about sharing with as many people as possible, so that you too can experience the positive changes in your life.

    “Great energy, great dishes, great knowledge of ingredients and nutrition.”
Lisa Kane, Jakarta

It is not always easy being a raw foodie while travelling and living in a meat-and-fried-food loving nation like Indonesia. However, I am passionate about the raw food movement, and I believe that from little things, big things can grow. It’s all about raising awareness, and making a difference through teaching people a little bit each day about what it means to eat raw and to have a wholesome lifestyle. I hope that by doing this work, more people will get on board, and other raw vegans living in Asia can be inspired to keep pursuing the movement which I believe is nothing short of life changing.

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My Bio

Who am I?
I am an Australian expat living in Jakarta. I’ve always been focussed on living a healthy lifestyle that combines a diet of good, wholesome food, regular exercise, doing yoga and outdoor activities like scuba diving and of course having fun (particularly in the sun!).My goalsIt is my aim to raise awareness in Asia of the raw food movement, and to share my explorations in this lifestyle choice. I have been eating a wholefoods, plant-based vegetarian diet since I was 16 years old. I made the transition to being a vegan first and then moved into being a raw vegan in 2010. This means that for half my life, I have been conscious of the food that I eat. I have read widely about the effects on my body of eliminating animal products, and as well as enjoying the benefits for my body of eating this way, I also can rest in the knowledge that I am eating compassionately for the planet we live in.

My education

I’ve been an educator for my entire career, and have vast experience teaching in classrooms all over the world, and I have a love of training and education. In addition to the many books on raw foods that I have read, I have also studied The High Raw Vegan Mastery program on raw vegan nutrition at the Vegetarian Health Institute and have completed Russell James’ The Raw Chef Academy home study course. Also, I am a certified  Uncooking 101 School living food chef and teacher.  Additionally, I am currently studying to be a holistic health coach at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition so that I can broaden my knowledge of ways that we can eat healthy and nutritious raw and vegan meals, and to also advise people on their health and wellness concerns to help people become healthier.

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