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Main Street Vegan

What do pigs, the planet, many Hollywood celebrities and your waistline all have in common? They want you to go vegan – whether right this minute, or at your own pace. Maybe you’re intrigued about the vegan life but worry that it’s expensive. Or you’ve tried it but gave up because it seemed too hard. Or you just plain worry about seeming like a cow-hugging weirdo (you can, of course, hug cows without being weird). Every new vegan has concerns like these, and we can help you address each one of them.

We wrote Main Street Vegan to provide information and support to anyone, anywhere who wants to move veganward. We’re Victoria Moran – an Oprah-featured author of eleven books (accounting for the good fortune of the media mentions, right), a certified holistic health counselor (HHC, AADP), and a vegan of nearly three decades – and daughter Adair Moran, a lifelong vegan who’s grown up to be an actor, playwright, wildlife rehabilitator, and stunt performer (in case you thought vegans were wimpy: Not).

Another exciting aspect of Main Street Vegan is the MSV Academy, a training program for Main Street Vegan Lifestyle Coaches — click the Academy tab for more information. And I (Victoria) am a Vegan Lifestyle Coach — if you’d like a little navigating on your vegan voyage, click the Coaching tab.

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Find Out Why More Americans Are Choosing to Become Vegans




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