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Obama Demands Vegan Meals in Brazil

March 19, 2011

Obama Demands Vegan Meals in Brazil.

vegan obama

It’s been reported in the Brazilian press that President Obama has asked that he and his delegation be served a 100% vegan menu while he travels through Brazil this week.

Reportedly, Obama will bring his 200-person entourage of journalists, politicians, business people, and security staff to Brazil on a goodwill tour and all 200+ will be eating delicious catered vegan food.

Vegan food will also be served at stops along the tour.  The head chef in charge of food management estimates that the events will serve over 2,000 people in all.  That’s a lot of vegan food served and a lot of animals saved.

Eating vegan in Brazil would definitely help send the goodwill message to the country. It would just be rude to show up and destroy their entire rainforest by demanding meat and dairy meals.


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