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Mt Merapi: Merapi May Still Pose Threats

Posted by Shinta Dewi on October 28th, 2010 — Mount Merapi has erupted two days ago. But it does not mean that the danger has been over. There is still a possible peak of eruption that forces the local government to make the best preparation they can do.

Last Tuesday, Mount Merapi, located at about 1,300 km to the east of Central Java province, has erupted, spewing out clouds of ash and killed at least 29.

The eruption happened just a day after a tsunami struck remote islands of Mentawai in western Indonesia. Reportedly the tsunami killed at least 113 people.

Merapi’s eruption has displaced over 40,000 people who live on the slopes of the volcano. Many houses were destroyed, buried in white ash as seen in the picture.

Although now the mountain is mostly quiet, the volcanologists warned that it still poses a threat.

“The yesterday’s eruption was just the beginning,” said the a volcanology agency official. He added that the agency’s officials are already deployed in the district and nearby areas to keep monitoring seismic activities of the volcano.

Our local sources reported that emergency relief aid has been prepared for the worst scenario.

Eko Rusdianto from a health post in the district said that over 30 medical workers are ready to help possible victims suffering injuries from the bursts of hot air of the eruption.

“We have made preparations for the strongest eruption. More medics and drugs have been allocated should it needed, ready to be sent here in case of emergencies,” he said.

The potentially dangerous area – within 10 kilometers from the mountain – has been evacuated. Taufik Wahyudi, a senior official of the local Disaster and Mitgation Management  body said that the refugees were sheltered in  make-shift tents, barracks, schools and their relatives’ houses.

“To the best of my knowledge, there are about 18,000 people have been sheltered here,” he told our reporter at a post in Sleman.

Furqon Hafid, another official of the National Disaster and Mitigation Management body said that 22,600 others have escaped from the dangerous zone in Central Java.

Mount Merapi is located between Yogyakarta Province and Central Java Province in western Indonesia.

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Thank you for the report. It seems there is a lot more volcano activity and earthquakes under the ocean for the tsunami waves. It would be interesting for a view on geologists see these events.


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