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Some urgent things you may need to know about COP 15

Logo COP15

Logo COP15 Copenhagen

COP 15 is UN Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen
(You can write Co2penhagen or Hopenhagen 😀 )

From Dec 7-18, 2009

Danish capital Copenhagen
at Bella Center

Attract up to 15,000 delegates including head of state

5 crucial issues:
– a new treaty to replace the Kyoto
Protocol, which expires in 2012
– climate financing
– mitigation
– adaptation
– technology transfer.

Key issues:
The aim is to replace Kyoto Protocol
1. Emission reduction for developed/industrialised countries
2. Emission reduction pledges of developing countries
3 financial and technological support for developing countries to engage in reducing emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate
4 effective institutional framework with governance structures to address the climate-change financial needs of developing countries

Key players, based on 2007 carbon dioxide emissions frm fossil fuels, in miilion tonnes:
China: 1802
US: 1586
EU: 1037
India: 430
Japan: 338

(Indonesia is considered as the third emitters country but it is grouped under developing countries, above are developed/industrialized countries)

COP-13 : 13th session of the COP held in Bali 2007 (Bali Road Map)

Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012 requires developed nations to cut GHG emissions by about 5 % frm 1990 levels to help slow GW.

UNFCCC : UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

GHG : greenhouse gas
COP (Conference of the Parties)


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