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Over One Million People Pledge Support for Global Climate Action

One Million People Pledge Support for Global Climate Action

Join them.

Brian Merchant

By Brian Merchant
Brooklyn, NY, USA | Mon Sep 14 11:30:00 GMT 2009

global climate treaty
DC Productions/Getty Images

One million climate action proponents can’t be wrong.

Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General, is spearheading a movement to raise awareness about climate change–and more specifically, to gain support for establishing a global treaty to succeed the Kyoto Protocol in Copenhagen this December. To accomplish this, he founded the open source tck tck tck campaign, which called on NGOs, climate activists, and other groups from around the world to rally people to the cause.

It seems it’s succeeded–less than two weeks since the campaign’s beginning, one million people have already pledged support for forging a global climate treaty. It’s an effective way to send a message to politicians around the world that there’s a strong demand for action around the world. As the pre-Copenhagen talks proceed haltingly–China, India, the US and Europe are still largely at odds about emissions targets–and frustration echoes down from world climate leadership, heads of state must keep in mind that people have an ardent desire to see a climate solution.

And you can help–take two seconds (literally. it’s name, country of origin, and all done) and join the growing number of pledges to show your support for climate action. This is important–Annan is one of the most respected forces in international politics, and with a bastion of support behind him world leaders will have no choice but to hear him out.
Head over to tck tck tck to fill out the pledge.

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