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It’s time to wake up the world!

Campaign Story

10 September 09

Posted by: Richard Graves

It’s time to wake up the world! Join one of 500 events in 55 countries

It is time for the world to wake up to climate change and you can be the one to do it!  This fall, in Copenhagen, is the single greatest opportunity we will have to act on global warming. Yet, many world leaders seem to be asleep at the switch.

So, TckTckTck partners, Oxfam, Greenpeace, and and many local leaders and individuals are coming together in a massive plan to wake them up.

Local leaders, like you, have already registered more than 500 Climate Wake-Up Call events in 55 countries, for this September 21st.

Avaaz just sent out an alert describing the kind of events their members are organizing and I am getting excited just reading about it.

“The plans for September 21 events are thrilling in their variety: a gathering in Ethiopia will beat drums to sound the alarm. Monks will chant prayers. And everywhere, from Berlin to Buenos Aires, Avaaz members will gather in peaceful, spontaneous “flash mobs” in public places to sound the alarms on their mobile phones, flood their governments with phone calls urging climate action, and make a tremendous noise. The images, sounds, and videos will be stitched together overnight for presentation to world leaders at the United Nations the next day!”

You can go here to register your own event; it will only take a minute. If you want to participate, you can find an event, here.

However, it isn’t just Avaaz that is spreading the message that there is a huge and growing global movement to demand a fair, ambitious, and binding global climate treaty this year.

The Age of Stupid is having a massive global premiere of their epic global warming film, in more than 700 cinemas in 60 countries. They will be streaming satellite feed of the New York premiere, including footage of the Global Wake-Up Call. Attend a Global Wake-Up Call event and then watch yourself on the big screen. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world might just be watching you that night!

Oxfam is hosting a Human countdown, on Sunday, September 20th, in New York, where thousands will convene to create a human sculpture of how our world is in a race against time. Notable speakers will meet and address the group and they will kick off a global call-in campaign by calling the White House over loudspeaker. This unprecedented live action aerial art piece is just the kind of thing that can get attention in unexpected places.

However, you can host your own event, wherever you are, using the Global Wake-Up Call toolkit, we have posters, templates, media resources and more, so join the largest global mobilization on climate change and you can be part of the effort to wake the whole world up.

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