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A new paperback edition of Earth Under Fire is now available in stores and for on-line ordering. Read the press release here.

Earth under Fire
Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World is a comprehensive look at the world wide effects of climate change, its implications, and what action is being taken about it. In dramatic photographs and quotes from world climate science leaders, this book shows how the earth is being changed right now. Earth Under Fire ends with a vision of how we can slow global warming and improve the lives of people everywhere.

Chosen one of the 50 Best Environmental Books and Media by Vanity Fair

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earth under fire

How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming, by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch, is an engaging and empowering look at the science of climate and how kids can learn by becoming citizen scientists.

It was written especially for middle schoolers and their teachers, and a special page shows how much carbon dioxide can be reduced as kids work together to reduce climate change.
This book replaces fear and dread over global warming with knowledge and the assurance that actions can be taken that help everyone and the world.

Winner of
Best Middle Grade Science Book of 2008 — AAAS
John Burroughs Young Reader Book
“NSTA Recommends” National Science Teachers Assn.

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