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Meat Free Day Petitions

Meat Free Day Petitions

In recent days a number of campaigns have sprung up aimed at persuading governments around the world to declare every Monday a meat free day in an effort to tackle climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Not only is meat production hugely carbon intensive but it is also responsible for 70% of the deforestation occuring in the Amazon rainforests, as trees are felled so that crops can be grown to feed livestock. Promotion of a vegetarian diet is not only good for the planet but is also good for your health and of course the animals will be a lot happier too!

So please take the time to fill out each of the meat free Monday petitions. Simply click on one of the countries below and fill out the form. Together we can do it!





United Kingdom


For more information and updates on the meat free Monday global movement, you may visit the following sites:

Facebook group:


United Kingdom:



Please come back, there will be more petitions to come!


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