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100 Day Raw Food & Fitness Journey

Kirsten & Derrick’s
100 Day Raw Food & Fitness Journey

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OK, we’ve decided to eat only raw food for the next 100 days.

A couple of years ago we started hearing about the benefits of going raw. Even though we have been vegan since 1994, and have never felt better, we thought we’d give raw veganism a try. Partly just for the fun it and partly because it makes sense.

I mean, humans are the only animals on the planet that eat cooked food. Isn’t it weird that we alone among the millions of animals cook our food and consider it normal. We are the exception to the rule.

It has been long known that cooking food destroys some of its nutrients. Eat raw food and get all the nutrients. Sounds good to me. We are both interested in living a long time. Longevity studies point out that the only real way to extend your lifespan is to eat fewer calories. The problem is that eating fewer calories makes it hard to get all the nutrients you need. The solution is eating raw food, nutrient dense foods.

Anyway, we are going to eat nothing but raw food for 100 days and see what happens. Woman Jogging away on Path


We both workout(cardio and strength training) on a regular basis so we are fairly fit. We are excited to see how eat a raw vegan diet effects our fitness level. We are both inspired by the athleticism of Tim VanOrden of Running Raw. He has shown that a diet of raw fruits and veggies and solid training is a winning combo. We can’t wait to see for ourselves.

Follow Our Progress

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We will be posting our progress on an almost daily basis. We will be sharing things like:

• What is like to go from cooked vegan to raw food vegan

• What we eat on a daily basis

• What we do for our workouts

• How our bodies change(body fat percentages, weights)

• Our raw food problems and the solutions we come up with

• How we manage all this with 3 beautiful vegan children

Raw Food Day 1-Starting Stats Raw Day 26 + Taking Care of Yourself Raw Day 51+Rest Raw Day 76+Cascade of Positive Actions
Raw Day 2 Raw Day 27+A Question For You Raw Day 52+Raw Snacks Raw Day 77+Critical Health Fusion
Raw Day 3 Raw Day 28+Our Daily Routine Raw Day 53+Raw Raisin Walnut Treats Raw Day 78+What the Kids Eat
Raw Day 4+Radical Vegans Raw Day 29+Solar Powered Smoothie! Raw Day 54+Raw Fitness Raw Day 79+Be the Change!
Raw Day 5+Raw Emotions Raw Day 30+Healthy Kids Raw Day 55+Birthday Cake Raw Day 80+Do One Thing
Raw Day 6+Typical Day Raw Day 31+Reach Your Goals Raw Day 56+Laurie & Her Delicious Kale Chips Raw Day 81+Why Lie?
Raw Day 7-Week 1 Stats Raw Day 32+Thank You! Raw Day 57+The Grocery Store Raw Day 82+Too Much Meat?
Raw Day 8+You Are What You.. Raw Day 33+Protein Raw Day 58+Raw Cashew Lemon Date Bars! Raw Day 83+Raw Fast Food
Raw Day 9+Cooked Cravings Raw Day 34+Back to Cooked? Raw Day 59+Raw Energy and Nutrients Raw Day 84+Fun Fitness
Raw Day 10+How We Feel So Far Raw Day 35+Waldorf Salad Recipe Raw Day 60+Challenge or Journey Raw Day 85+Sunshine Smoothie Dinner
Raw Day 11+Fitness Update Raw Day 36+Wear Red, Eat Green! Raw Day 61+It’s Alive! Raw Day 86+”Time” for Questions
Raw Day 12+Is Your Mom a Cow? Raw Day 37+Burn Fat, Build Muscle Raw Day 62+EcoTherapy Raw Day 87+Go For a Walk
Raw Day 13+Dinner Smoothie Raw Day 38+Raw Kids Raw Day 63+Why Do We… Raw Day 88+Detox Diet?
Raw Day 14+Healthy Kids Raw Day 39+Tasty Recipe Raw Day 64+Raw Story Raw Day 89+5yr Old Knows
Raw Day 15+Our Problem Raw Day 40+Emotional Eating Raw Day 65+5 Things You Can Do With… Raw Day 90+Do Something Healthy
Raw Day 16+What We Ate Today Raw Day 41+Advice from 5yr Old Raw Day 66+Walnut-Cinnamon-Date Balls Raw Day 91+Feeling Smart
Raw Day 17+Is Being Healthy Easy? Raw Day 42+Raw Profit Raw Day 67+Raw Dairy, Don’t Do It! Raw Day 92+Success Tip #1
Raw Day 18+Tasty Raw Recovery Drink Raw Day 43+Salma’s Breasts Raw Day 68+Exercise For Free! Raw Day 93+Success Tip #2
Raw Day 19+ Why Low-fat Raw? Raw Day 44+Celebrate Love! Raw Day 69-Kale is Cool! Raw Day 94+Success Tip #3
Raw Day 20+Raw Energy! Raw Day 45+2 Recipes Raw Day 70-Cardio is Cool! Raw Day 95+Success Tip #4
Raw Day 21+Raw Kitchen Equipment Raw Day 46+Cut a Mango Raw Day 71-Omega-3’s Raw Day 96+Success Tip #5
Raw Day 22+Grocery Goodies Raw Day 47+2 Raw Observations Raw Day 72-Parts vs. Wholes Raw Day 97+Success Tip #6
Raw Day 23+Simple Romaine Wraps Raw Day 48+Kale Chips! Raw Day 73-Fruit For Dinner? Raw Day 98+Success Tip #7
Raw Day 24 Week 3 Stats Raw Day 49+Excuses Raw Day 74-Shopping Raw Day 99+Success Tip #8
Raw Day 25+How to Change Your Life Raw Day 50+Challenge? Raw Day 75-Three-Quarters Raw Day 100+Success Tip #9


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